If you are injured in a bicycle accident in San Diego, you may sustain an injury known as road rash. Road rash might sound somewhat innocuous but it is actually frequently linked to some of the most catastrophic bicycle injuries that a victim can incur.


These injuries refer to wounds, scrapes, cuts, or lacerations that a motorcyclist or a bicyclist sustains when they hit the ground after travelling at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately, being tied to the bike or dragged under a vehicle could mean that the individual is dragged along for several feet leading to skin and scraping injuries. Road rash can vary significantly in terms of intensity. In order to prevent road rash, it is essential to always wear protective gear, whether bicycling or motorcycling. Covering as much skin as you can is a beneficial way to avoid the severe injuries of road rash in the event that you are thrown from your bike.


If you have recently suffered in an accident where you believe you may have developed road rash, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is the best possible way to prevent the situation from getting any worse such as forming infections. Once you have had the opportunity to receive appropriate medical testing and treatment, consult with a San Diego personal injury attorney about whether or not you may be entitled to recover compensation for your road rash injuries. If someone else’s negligence or recklessness caused the accident in which you suffered injuries, you may be entitled to fight for compensation after filing a legal claim.