After the birthday cake is devoured, the candles blown out, and the keys to the car presented in a small gift box have been unveiled, your teen driver will probably think that they can drive off to anywhere, including rural roads, where teen car accidents can happen in the middle of nowhere.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys believe that teen drivers are more at risk for creating car accidents due to their inexperience and over assurance of abilities on the road.  Teen car accidents can cause personal injuries, all of which  come with a mountain of medical bills, that is, if the crash does not turn into a fatal auto accident.

According to reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about seventy-five of all rollover crashes occur in rural areas.  The NHTSA cautions teen drivers to travel carefully when driving on rural roads, which are tricky because they are usually narrow, two-lane roads that have sharp curves and typically no shoulders.

Like all places, rural roads have a special set of circumstances that apply to drivers and parents can warn their teen drivers to be aware of the following:

1.  Wild animals that can cross the road

2.  Slow moving autos and very fast moving autos

3.  Cars entering the road from side roads

4.  Obeying the speed limit, especially when coming around dangerous curves

5.  Passing other automobiles and letting them pass you

As automobile accident attorneys, we believe that rural roads and teen drivers can be a combination for a fatal auto accident.  Make sure that you inform your teen driver about the best way to avoid a car crash while driving on a rural road.

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