There are a broad range of injuries that may be associated with a serious accident in San Diego, but one of the most devastating is called a facial fracture. In addition to the pain and immediate problems this can cause for your ability to recover from the accident, you may also be left with permanent scarring and long term bruises that can make it difficult for you to return to your day to day life. Many individuals suffer facial fractures as a result of a slip and fall accident or a motor vehicle accident. Facial fractures refer to broken bones in the face including around the nose, jaw, eyes, and cheekbones. These injuries can be extremely severe and may even cause injury to other parts of your body as well.

One of the clearest signs that you have suffered a facial fracture is that there is tenderness at the sight of the injury as well as bruising and swelling. You may also experience a deformity if the facial fracture is influencing your nose. Your brain may also be exposed to the outside environment in the event that the nasal bone is fractured. Any individual who believes they have suffered facial fracture should reach out to get medical attention as soon as possible. This is true especially if you experience any of the following symptoms; clear nasal discharge, loss of consciousness or visual disturbances.

The treatment needed depends upon the kind of fracture and the extent of the injury. Nasal fractures usually require full follow-up appointments approximately one week after the incident occurs. A jaw fracture will usually have a good prognosis, cheekbone fractures, however, may lead to facial disfigurement. Individuals who suffer facial fractures in the middle of their face could be looking at severe problems or even blindness. Consulting with an experienced attorney if you find yourself in this situation is strongly recommended.