If you have been having dull or severe back pain for several months after an accident, you may have been tempted to move forward with settling the case so that you can receive an outcome sooner or later. A car accident claim requires insight from your lawyer in San Diego.

The challenge with this is that you don’t really know how long your injury will last. If you’re still experiencing major back pain after a car accident, now might not be the best time to accept a settlement offer, particularly if you have been unable to earn a living and you’re having financial problem, it can take doctors some time and multiple rounds of testing in order to determine your condition’s official diagnosis and prognosis.

In a release of liability in a car accident settlement, you give up your future rights to ever sue. If you take a lower offer and later your condition worsens and your back pain leads to further medical bills, you may be out of luck.

But if you’ve already accepted a settlement offer, you would not be eligible to go back into court. Always have a clear picture of your diagnosis and your prognosis before you accept a settlement offer. Having a San Diego personal injury lawyer review your settlement offer will allow you to make an educated and informed decision that is truly best for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney today to learn more.