A lot of the chaos left behind after a car accident is seen with the naked eye: vehicle damage, broken bones, and cuts and lacerations can be identified right away. For some of the more troubling and chronic medical conditions, however, including whiplash injuries, these severe problems can be difficult to diagnose.

New research out of Europe shows that whiplash injuries can lead to functional problems in the posture and processing locations of the human brain, indicating that close interaction between the brain and neck could lead to blood flow problems. The findings may be an important step towards identifying treatment options for the diagnosis of chronic whiplash, a condition many car accident victims have to learn to live with because of the consistent nature of the pain. Whiplash injuries may cause patients to suffer years after the accident happens.

Research shows that one out of every 1,000 people will suffer whiplash, but one in four of those individuals will have chronic symptoms. It can be difficult to return to work or figure out how to move on with your life if you find yourself in this situation. Doctors may recommend a combination of physical therapy and other treatments to help you cope with the symptoms, but this does not guarantee that your whiplash injuries will disappear completely. This is why the right lawyer can make a difference if you have been trying to move on with your life unsuccessfully after a serious car accident. You may be able to recover compensation after talking to an attorney about your case.

Whiplash injuries can impact your life in a big way, and victims should always follow up with all relevant doctor’s appointments to give themselves the best possible chance of recovering. Even when you reach maximum medical improvement, you may not be fully healed from your whiplash injuries.