For a fatal car accident in 2007, the question is not “what” caused it, but “who” caused it.  Prosecutors say it was one woman, but she claims it was her friend — the one authorities originally arrested.

So who is responsible for this fatal car accident that caused the wrongful deaths of four people on an East County road almost three years ago?  Our firm’s car accident lawyers in Vista are waiting to see what the trial of shows, and we hope it is the truth.

A fatal car accident from 2007 lacks an at-fault driver.

A murder trail in the Vista Superior Court is set to take place this week in a case that has left the families and friends of the departed angry and confused.  The trial will focus on the four wrongful deaths caused by a car accident on state Route 76 on December 14, 2007.

That day, a Toyota Camry was carrying two couples out to Pala Casino after a stop at Valley Center.   As they were coming around a deadly curve, their vehicle was hit by a speeding GMC Yukon that was out of control at about midnight.  The SUV crashed through the guardrail and crashed into the Camry.

At the time of the accident, the driver, 26, was high on methamphetamines as well as drunk.  To make matters worse, she had been driving for close to two years on a suspended license.  She is currently standing trial on four counts of murder, which, if convicted, could lead to four consecutive life sentences.

What’s so confusing about this case?  Her defense lawyer is not disputing the drunk driving charge.  Instead, he claims that his client was not driving the car, but that another man in question was in the driver’s seat at the time of the fatal accident.

The argument is that the two switched seats after getting into the Yukon at the Pala Casino parking lot three minutes prior to the accident.  The only reason the woman is claiming to be behind the wheel at all that night is that there is security footage from the casino showing the defendant driving the car away from the lot.

The trial has been delayed countless times and the families are hoping that this time justice will be sought in the names of their lost ones.  Serious Accidents will be keeping you up-to-date with the verdict and subsequent outcome of this trial.

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