Many individuals who have had plenty of years of experience driving across San Diego might think that they don’t always need a turn signal. Perhaps they make the decision to move into another lane too quickly or they assume that the other drivers can interpret their future actions. That being said, it is always a good idea to use your turn signal anytime that you intend to change lanes or turn.

You should never assume that other drivers can anticipate what you are going to do and use of your turn signal can only help to reinforce your future moves. Other drivers are not necessarily paying attention to all of the other indications that you may be showing towards turning, such as slowing down in speed.

Your turn signal gives indication that they should also alter their behavior in line with you in order to decrease the chances of being in an accident. For example, a driver behind you who suddenly spots your turn signal may realize that you intend to get off the roadway soon and will thus slow his or her speed as well.

Without your turn signal, however, this driver could whip around you or engage in aggressive driving behavior such as honking at your because they do not understand the purpose of your actions. Turn signals should always be used to prevent serious accidents in San Diego because if you fail to alert other drivers about the moves you intend to make, an accident can happen far too quickly. Make sure you give other drivers the proper warning by using your turn signal every time that it is necessary.