The human body is very fragile. While a minor injury, like a cut or bruise, wont change your daily routine, small injuries to critical organs like the brain can leave permanent effects. Every year, about 1.4 million people have some type of brain injury in the United States. Another 5.3 million people suffer from the effects of brain damage. Permanent injury is just one of the possible outcomes of brain damage. About 50,000 people die as a result of a brain injury inflicted on them.An injury to the brain itself can be traumatic, but an injury to something that involves the brain can be equally damaging to a human being. An injury to the brain stem can cause problems in transmitting nerve signals from the brain to other parts of the body.

What is the Brain Stem?

The brain stem is the part of your brain that connects to the spinal cord. It controls involuntary muscles such in the stomach and the heart, but it also acts as a relay station between the brain and the rest of the body. Since the brain stem controls several functions, an injury to the brain stem affects other areas.The brain stem is especially vulnerable to injury caused by rear impact to the head. Injuries such as whiplash are prime candidates to cause brain stem injuries. The brain stem may be small in size, but large in terms of its importance.The symptoms of such an injury are similar to a normal brain injury, and its effects are about the same. Common brain stem injury symptoms include memory problems, difficulty concentrating, difficulty staying focused and physical defects including the inability to walk, remain balanced, and a loss of strength.Paralysis (paraplegia and quadriplegia) could occur when the brain stem is damaged since it is directly linked to the spiral cord.Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used to properly identify the beginning signs of paralysis. Recovery is possible in some cases but is dependent on the severity of brain damage. Our brain injury attorneys stress the importance to getting proper medical care if you feel the onsets of any brain injury.

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