It might sound strange but researchers have linked lower back pain caused by spinal cord injuries and suicide rates, according to the Healthy Back Institute.  The link shows that back pain and depression can lead to what is known as “chronic pain” that is sometimes more a strain on the mind than the body.

For our firm’s paralysis attorneys, being healthy in the mind is as important as being healthy when it comes to recovering from spinal cord injuries.  There are many types of paralysis treatments when it comes to healing one’s back, but for depression and feelings of suicide associated with the chronic pain there is an entirely different methodology.

Depression and anxiety can be traced to chronic pain from a spinal cord injury.

Suicide continues to be the United State’s 9th leading reported cause of death despite the fact that depression is a treatable illness.  This data indicates nearly half of the patients with chronic pain from a spinal cord injury also show signs of depression, anxiety, and most recently, suicide.

The severity of the chronic pain is the determining factor as to how depressed or anxious a person with a type of spinal cord injury is in their day-to-day life.  General practitioner records show that two out of three suicide victims were visiting their doctors three months before taking their own lives and 77 percent were receiving treatment for lower back pain.

One thing that many people do not factor into their treatment process when they have been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury is the strain that is put on the mind.  When someone is not thinking clearly or under great stress, the rest of the body can suffer.

Thankfully, our firm’s paralysis attorneys have recently become aware of a new technique called “mindfulness” that is put into practice at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness.  The idea behind mindfullness is to get in touch with your inner wisdom so that you know exactly what is good and bad for your body.  It comes down to this:  there is more right than wrong with you.  If your body can tap into that idea, you can calm your anxiety, find ways to relax your chronic lower back pain and hopefully enjoy a new outlook on life.

Recovering from a personal injury, especially a spinal cord that leaves you with chronic pain on your lower back, is never easy.  If you are concerned with your mental health and have recently experienced some lower back pain, maybe you should check out the UCSD Center for Mindfullness to see if they are right for you.

When the mind is at peace, the body usually follows not far behind.

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