The California Highway Patrol has been carefully tracking accident data as it pertains to speed-related car accidents and the number of wrongful deaths — where unsafe speed was the primary factor — has dropped.As car accident attorneys, we are happy about these new findings by the CHP which show that speed-related car accidents are on the decline.  We know that speeding is one of the greatest contributors to auto accidents and nearly one-third of all car accidents have been attributed to speeding, whether on local roads or on highways.  The faster a car driver speeds, the greater the risk of an auto accident as a result.

In addition to being the main factor in many car accidents, speeding increases the severity of car accident injuries.  The forces experienced by the human body in a car accident increase exponentially as the speed increases and as a result spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and whiplash may result in a wrongful death.  What is all the more frustrating is that speed-related car accidents can be prevented if drivers simply follow the designated speed limits.The CHP has been carefully tracking collision data as it pertains to speed-related incidents.  The number of fatalities has dropped 10.4 percent in a year for collisions where unsafe speed was determined to be the primary collision factor.

While many thought there would be an increase in speeding citations after the new speed limit changed on December 17, 1995 that is not the case.  In fact there have been fewer citations issued for speed violations compared to the same time frame in 1994, which we attribute to many factors including fewer violators (in excess of 65 as opposed to 55); which allows officers to concentrate on other violators such as DUI, unsafe lane changes, and commercial vehicle enforcement.

We, as car accident attorneys, we believe that the decline of speed-related car accidents will not only prevent many personal injuries but will enable the CHP to prevent other top causes of car accidents such as drunk driving, street racing and tailgating.  But you better make sure that you still have the best car insurance policy for your car because accidents happen when you least expect it.

How many more people have to die, needlessly, in fatal car accidents caused by speeding for drivers to learn from this?

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