Each state has its own motorcycle laws. As San Diego motorcycle accident attorneys, we are primarily concerned with California's. Keep in mind that these laws are enforced to prevent motorcycle crashes. Californias motorcycle laws are similar to other state motorcycle laws, but there are some exceptions.Here is a brief overview of some of California's motorcycle laws.

California Motorcycle Laws

California has a law that requires you to wear an approved motorcycle helmet at all times. You are not, however, required to wear body armor, leather chaps or any special kind of shoes in California.MotorcyclistThe Golden State does permit lane sharing, when motorcycles drive in between lanes. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) allows lane sharing as long as you continue to ride in a safe and cautious manner.
  • Never travel more than 10 mph faster than other cars.
  • Merge back into your own lane at 30-35 mph.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit.
  • Lane-sharing is preferred in the two left-most lanes.
  • Ride carefully, being cautious of other cars and drivers.

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