The majority of those living with paralysis after an accident rely on a nurse or a doctor to help treat all of the conditions that arise when they lose the use of their motor skills.

A lot of the time, too, physical therapy and different technological innovations are used to help someone with paralysis find new ways to do the things they love. Our firm's paralysis lawyers in San Diego know it takes time and effort, but the results are worth the hard work.

Recovering From Paralysis

Here is a list of the different modes that help people maintain an active lifestyle after becoming paralyzed:

As mentioned previously, it is possible for some people with incomplete paralysis to recover and be able to go back to living their lives as they were prior to their spinal cord injury. There is no real cause documented for why some people can fully recover while others remain paralyzed for their entire lives. It works case by case. Will it be hard? Yes, at first, but you will find a way to build yourself back up. Recovery and treatment have improved drastically over the past few years, with more people living longer with paralysis. There are several kinds of new treatment methods that doctors and researchers are using in an attempt to find a cure for paralysis. Innovations in stem cell research, electric stimulation, and physical therapy are advanced techniques that are applied during treatment and were unimaginable just a few years ago. While a cure for paralysis has not yet been found, progress is being made every day. There is hope for the future in finding better ways of recovering and eventually curing paralysis.

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